We are a team of professionals in
Art, Design, Architecture and Engineering,
joined to provide you with a comprehensive
and personalized service in
order meet your needs.


We reinvent your spaces with a moderate Budget. Renovating is one of the secrets to success!

CHASA will bring in new air to your spaces, by relocating furniture, redefyning and restoring objects to give them life and meaning; thus, providing you with new options that will make current places become new settings.


In CHASA we offer construction services focues on metallic solutions for construction sites and proyects.

Chasa offers constructive solutions focussed on metalwork proyects, roofing, fencing and other metal-related projects.


We believe in the symbiosis between landscape and architecture; in the harmony that the natural brings to the built.

Our team of professionals has the capacity to design, develop and install landscapes and gardens taking into consideration the basic concepts of our clients, their commercial interests and the latest tendencies.

Choose CHASA as your best partner in Interior Design and Landscaping!

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