Landscaping in Panama

Landscaping is today an essential tool when thinking about architectural projects, thats why they require special attention. Our team of professionals is able to design, produce and assemble landscapes and gardens, taking into account the client[s basic concepts, their commercial interests and trends.

Spots and Installation Art

We design and build installations or iconic spots for advertising purposes, in hotels and restaurants shopping and cultural centers. These are used to promote your business, as they become attractions where your customers will want to take a picture; this photographic record will act as a way of marketing the space at the moment it is uploaded to their social networks.


We install and design green areas, as an essential tool to harmonize closed spaces. We base on Biophilic Design, which seeks to put architecture in contact with nature.


We conceive each Project exclusively by studying in detail the characteristics of each of our clients. In this way, we deliver our own style in line with the concept of your Project.

Regarding open comercial spaces, out goal is aimed at creating landscapes that impact the consumers; It is a Plus that gives them well-being, beaty and distinction.


We design living áreas for the enjoyment of open spaces, creating ideal áreas that allow you to contemplate nature in total comfort.

For restaurants, we base the existence of terraces as an option of delight within the space.

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